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5 Benefits of an In Person Yoga Teacher Training

The pandemic has forever shifted the way we live. It has become easier than ever before to take yoga classes, workshops and even yoga teacher training online. So why is it better to take an in person yoga teacher training? Here are 5 benefits of doing your yoga teacher training in person:

According to Dr. Jena Lee (Psychiatric Times), Zoom fatigue “describes the tiredness, worry, or burnout associated with overusing virtual platforms of communication.”

Unlike the mental exhaustion that results from hours spent on Zoom, researchers from Stanford University state that in person meetings have the following benefits:

  • In person communications make our brains happier.

  • Virtual interactions make it easier to zone out.

  • Screen-based interactions can make it harder to connect with others.

  • Our brains have to work harder to make up for lost context.

  • Being forced to watch ourselves on a screen is mentally exhausting.

2. Be supported by a community of people who are going through the same yoga teacher training at the same time. As indicated by the researchers from Stanford University above, nothing can replace the feeling of being together. In person yoga teacher training allows you to bond and form a community. This community offers a safe space where you can build trust and share a common experience with one another in a field of interest, exploring, learning and growing together.

The opportunity to support or be supported by a member of your training group in the moment is essential. When you need a boost, feel stuck, or challenged there’s nothing like the feeling of “being seen” by someone who understands what you’re going through and “gets you.”

Graduates from past Soma Yoga Teacher Trainings have a support system of like-minded friends and colleagues with whom they can share ideas for future yoga offerings, work through issues, or share leads for yoga teacher jobs.

3. Enjoy a more personalized learning experience.

There is no replacement for being with your lead teacher. The nuance of yoga asanas, cueing, yoga prop placement, and other details can be easily missed when viewed on a screen.

At an in person yoga teacher training, a skilled lead yoga teacher will be you every step of the way. They can see, hear, and sense your energy when you are practicing to offer hands-on, individualized guidance for your teaching skills. There is just no cyber-replacement for that.

4. Asking questions and receiving feedback is as simple as raising your hand. Receive direct attention in the moment without having to wait to receive delayed information about your questions or concerns. Personal issues can be addressed privately rather than in a Zoom meeting where everyone is present.

5. An in person yoga teacher training is a living process. An in person yoga teacher training gives the teaching staff the opportunity to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the community in real-time. Even though the subject matter of each module is carefully planned ahead of time, lead teachers can “shift gears” to offer clarity or address topics of interest as they arise.

Click here to learn more about how you can grow and all you have to gain in an in person yoga teacher training.

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